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Now that Unity and Gnome 3 in the footsteps of KDE are turning Linux into something visually appealing, would be good for application developers to follow suit. Years ago, productivity studies show that the best results are obtained in a nice and friendly atmosphere. I do not know what will happen in other distributions, but at least in versions for Windows and Launchpad (unofficial Ubuntu) LibreOffice interface can be used to scare the kids who will not eat.

And for that matter at hand surely VLC is the best video player software there (and I’m including proprietary). It is cross-platform, it can be on a flash drive, it is difficult to find a format that will not play, makes screenshots and video and subtitles displayed in different formats, and many other features. That if, although they can change their skins (visual themes) which has by default delayed 15 years.


The second in the list of top players is surely to Mplayer. Brings many of the features of VLC and can be handled by the terminal, but there are graphical interfaces that allow us to use it comfortably. One is UMPlayer.


Written using the Qt platform, UMPlayer can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. Allows searching subtitles, Youtube videos and programs Shoucast. For Youtube you can also record videos.


We can choose two types of captures what we’re seeing, with a precise frame or small frame each specified amount of time. UMPlayer also recalls that specific place we stopped to watch a video.


Some readers complained about the inability to see under the MMS protocol transmissions in Ubuntu. My tests with the Argentine news channel TN, (mentioned in a comment like the one who had problems) using UMPlayer were successful. Other protocols are HTTP, FTP, UDP and RTP Unicast. Also supports a range of video and audio formats both proprietary and free. The picture and sound can be improved with one of the many filters available.
Returning to the beginning of the article, if you do not like any of the skins (literal translation skins), we can make ours using style sheets (css).

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