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Many gave up for dead after their recent financial problems and cancellations. Others turned their backs after their agreement with Microsoft on the subject of search engines. The truth is that Yahoo is very much alive and strongly betting on FOSS.


Considered the fourth most popular site in the world internet, Yahoo handles billion monthly visits of its 640 million users with 75% of its servers running Linux and FreeBSD remaining 25%.


Ylinux, the distribution used is a modification of RedHat Enterprise Linux which making modifications to facilitate the management of servers. The software update is done using both an RPM package manager as one developed by the company itself that serves to both Linux and FreeBSD.


These data come from a talk Sven Dummer, engineering director of the company, gave the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit.


According to the director, the company is interested in adopting newer versions, since with its best performance would save money on electric energy. He cited the case of RHEL 6 servers that have installed consume half the power fluid to version 4. In money that equates to a saving of two digits.
Accessed by Windows Dummer said: “We may have one installed somewhere, but not in the cloud or web service

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