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We continue with this rugged collection of recommendations from readers to improve the functions of the two most popular browsers in the world of open source. Rugged must be ready for more than 15 days ago but I always missed something. Are there witches in Redmon?.


IE Tab 2: Speaking of Redmond, was a place where until recently the web standards unimportant, so the web designers should invest additional hours of programming or users use some kind of software tool that would emulate Internet Explorer. This extension promises compatibility with IE 7.8 and 9


InfoLister :: reports on installed extensions.


Integrated Gmail: Google Integrates services to the browser.


JavaScript Debbuger: Depurardor Javascript error.


Keefox: Password Manager


Media Player Connectivity: Utilísima extension to find and play multimedia links. It also allows the player to select.

Menu Editor: Customize the Firefox menu.


MinimizeToTray Revived (MinTrayR): Minimizes sales in the system tray

Movable Firefox Button: Firefox Accommodates position to your liking.

MultiMediaWebRecorder: You can record media content on the web.


NoScript: Protect determining when the browser can run flash code, java and javascript


Paste to Tab and Go: Open link us to copy in a new tab.


People: Allows you to easily change the look of Firefox.

Personas Rotator: Changes from time to time the appearance of the browser.


Realplayer Browser Record Plugin: could not find a reliable download link for this whose function is to use the Real Player for multimedia reproduction


Reasy: Facilitates reading texts of web sites using the RSVP (Rapid Sequential Visual Presentation) method


Screengrab: Save all or part of a web page, including frames and Flash animations.


SearchPreview: Displays a preview of the search results Google Yahoo and Bing.


Sqlite Manager: Management database.


Stop-or-Reload Button: Blends the refresh and stop buttons on the page load.

Stylish: Change the appearance of sites like Google, Facebook and Youtube among many others.


Tab Counter: Shows the number of open tabs.


Tab Mix Plus: Adds additional functions for handling tabs.

TooManyTab: Allows you to add additional tabs to Firefox and improves the management thereof

Tab Preview: Lets you preview the contents of a tab when placing the mouse over it.

Tree style tab: shows the tabs vertically.


video download helper:

: Download and format conversion of many video sites. Also supports images

User Agent Switcher: Allows trick the server into thinking we use another browser or operating system.


Xmarks :: Synchronize bookmarks, tabs and passwords between different browsers.


Web Developer: Adds the browser useful tools for web developers.


Wot: Reports about the reliability of the site which we are sailing.


Zotero: Facilitates the collection, sorting and sharing information from anywhere.


Good buddies, unless mistake you are recommended by you until April 1 extensions. Those who arrived later and continue arriving (plus some I have forgotten) will publish in a later article. We would also know that users use Epiphany and other browsers, so the Opera and Internet Explorer. They can use the feedback form.
And if you hear about an earthquake, a nuclear explosion or an alien attack in Buenos Aires I’m trying to finish the recommended list of extensions for Chrome.

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