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Dating is not that easy. This is why you need to make sure you select the right guy with the following traits.

He Will Want Your Opinion On Important Decisions In His Life

Whether it’s about switching jobs, or it’s about buying that new car, a guy who is seriously into you will want your opinion on every big and small occurrence in his life. If he goes out of his way to call you and meet you to hear your point of view on his life event, he is seriously into you and really likes you.

He Gets Jealous When You Give Your Attention To Another Man

If you find the guy getting distant and uncomfortable when you’re giving your attention and time to another man, it’s only because he seriously likes you and is afraid that you may get swept away by what he sees as competition.

He Involves Himself With Your Friends And Family

A guy who takes interest in interacting and mingling with your friends and family is definitely interested in you. Most guys are too impatient to take the time and effort to involve themselves in the personal life of another. However, if you find that this guy remembers to send flowers on your mother’s birthday and shows up at your best friends anniversary party, not only is he into you, but he is also a keeper.

Showing Interest In The Things That Interest You

It doesn’t matter if it’s something silly, or it’s something very important, if a guy shows even fake interest in the things that interest you, he is only trying to impress you because he is totally into you. So if you find him watching romantic comedies that he usually hates or you are able to make him go shopping with, then he definitely likes you.

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