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While the fireworks that you once felt may fade, a little bit of physical attraction will always remain. If you find that you have absolutely no physical attraction towards your man and that sex has only become a chore, your relationship has probably run its course and you need to turn towards dating apps for free.

He Doesn’t Ever Want To Do Anything That You Enjoy

Does he have the upper hand in the relationship? Is he the one who always makes all the plans and decisions without taking your opinion into consideration? Well, then you definitely have a problem right there. A healthy relationship is about balancing out the things both of you enjoy and indulging in each other’s interests. If only one person is taking all the calls, then there’s no point in being in such a submissive relationship.

Constant Lies Are Being Floated Around

Do you find that your partner is constantly lying? Have you caught him red handed on countless occasions and let it go each time just because he has sworn to never lie again? Once a liar, always a liar. A happy relationship is based on trust and honesty. If you’re going to be with a man who’s constantly lying to you and breaking your trust, you may as well not be with him.

Your Relationship Has Become An Abusive One

Abuse in any relationship is unacceptable. Whether it’s verbal abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse, you cannot be in a relationship where either one of you is abusing each other. A happy relationship is where you can discuss your differences in a calm and collected way. If you or your partner resorting to abuse just to prove your point, you have an issue right there. Take some time off and figure out where you stand because if you’re ready to go through life being abusive or being abused, you clearly don’t respect yourself and nor do you have a happy relationship.

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