Make Sure Your Carpets Are Clean

Believe it or not, most homes love to get their floors carpeted and although carpets add to the decor of your homes, getting rid of tough stains from your floor is one of the most daunting tasks you have to deal with. Carpets look beautiful, but stains make them ugly. If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of those tough carpet stains then we’ve got the perfect solutions for you. You can get touch with the best san diego house cleaning services that can help you clean your home.

You need to address every stain in a different manner. While some carpet stains are easy to take off, others need you to put in a little effort and some brainstorming to get rid of them. Well we’ve done the brainstorming and got a few solutions for you.


There are a number of carpets that are available in the market that are made using various materials. While some carpets are woolen, others are made of fiber and some are made of olefins. A good quality carpet cleaning agent is the perfect solution that will help you maintain your carpets and ensure they look new and clean, but there are a few stains that refuse to come off even with the best detergent available.

If you’ve got woolen carpets you need to use a mild detergent which has no ammonia whatsoever. Certain detergents are not suitable for woolen carpets and you need to check the bottle before you purchase it.

If you’re not too sure about the detergent you’ve purchased it would be wise to test a small portion of your carpet before cleaning the entire surface perfectly.

There are a few carpets that are made of yarn fiber and are stain resistant. Cleaning these carpets is not tough, but all others need care. The first step to cleaning your carpets is confirming you’ve got the right cleaning agent.

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