Windows 10 Has Improved Daily Computing

There are many perceptions that using windows 10 is difficult and not easy to use. Some even say that windows 10 screenshot taking process is also a lot more difficult, then the other functionalities would be doubly more difficult. But these are all rumors that should not be believed. People after using their old windows interface become conformable in it and don’t like changing it and think twice before changing their windows. There a lot of benefits and features waiting to get unlocked and used by all by upgrading to the latest windows 10. Taking a screenshot remains as simple as it can get by just pressing the prtscn button on the keyboard.

These features remains the same just like any other windows version one might be having, but yes there are additional shortcuts available as well to take a screenshot sand also to save the file on the computer. Once such feature is, if someone has multiple display screens and multiple windows open and if only screenshot of one window is required then all that is required is to press alt plus prtscn. It immediately takes screenshot of the current active window that is open on the screen.

For certain laptops and other devices one might even need to press alt plus Fn plus prtscn buttons. The screenshot gets copied in the clipboard. Then one can just open their favorite image editor and paste the screenshot there. The images can then be edited as per requirement or just proceed to save the file into the preferred destination of your computer. Windows 10 can be as easy to use as any of your mobile phones. It’s simple and features like touch screen support, and even the edge browser all make the experience of using windows 10 improved and satisfactory.

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